The Wall

The Wall

I turn to you every night…..that the world would not see the tears that drip from my cheeks.

I reach to press my hands to your firmness just to feel.. But all that goes through my palm is your cold nature.

I try to hold on but evidently it’s the impossible. So I mumble my words knowing that you would feel the delusion of each breath that I make just enough in anticipation  for one word in response to my groaning. 

But still I turn my back on the world and hope that my fears would not be seen by their questionings eyes.

Time goes by and we have become best friends. I must say that if you were human you would be my lover. Nights pass and my heart becomes more acquainted with yours. 

I have felt your warmth in the midst of your cold being.

 A safe place you have become for me, for I see you not through the eyes of the world but the eyes of my heart. You are no longer “THE WALL” to me.

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