Wisdom Nuggets From The Book Positioning

Wisdom Nuggets From The Book Positioning

No 6 “The ultimate objective of a positioning program should be to achieve leadership in a given category.

Once that leadership has been obtained, the company can count on enjoying the fruits of leadership for many years to come”.i believe we all know that leadership can not be defined in your own terms but the prospects terms, right? So it is important you choose a primary leadership positioning style that focuses on your public relations and marketing strategy.

The key is to choose a strategy that fits and amplifies the existing products, brand, and company culture. And when creating your leadership position, the following should be put into consideration

1) Customer Service

2) Best Industry practices

3) Becoming a visionary leader that looks beyond the brand and the product but shapes industries

4) Becoming a market leader that is reliable, stable, makes good products and sells them well.

5) Organizational cultures

No 7 “Look for a problem, no matter how small, which your competitor’s product or service causes as it solves the buyer’s primary problem.

Attack and exploit that weakness “Opportunities are best maximized when you can take advantage of loopholes that are not being taken care of. This can serve as an advantage, value creation or a creation of a new market

No 8 “People think it is the actual product, service, the price which is the issue. That is not true but it is the perception of product, service, the price. Along with bad name comes a bad perception “.A good name is the best insurance for long-term success A bad name doesn’t get any better no matter how many years you have been using it.

No 9 Everything requires commitment and consistency

No 10

Finally we come to the end of this book review on key things I learnt reading this book. It’s been amazing sharing. However what has always been the challenge between what we know and what we can achieve? It’s taking action and practicing what we have learnt. But most of all not just taking action but being consistent, that is where the improvement in our lives and the things that we seek come from.

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