Wisdom Nugget From The Book Positioning.

Wisdom Nugget From The Book Positioning.

Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is you position the product in the mind of your prospect

No 1 “To be successful today you must touch base with reality. And the reality that really counts is what’s already in the prospect’s mind”.

What do you think could probably be the realities that’s exist in the prospects mind. It’s simple understanding their worldview of things as it relates to the maslows hierarchy of needs. And this is only half of the job. We all know how important it is to create visibility, get the attention of our prospects. But going out there creating a scene in the name of marketing would get their attention for a short period of time but might not strike a cord to act if your message does not concentrate on the perception of the prospects(Current state of mind) and not the reality of the product. Because perception is reality.

Therefore in the business battle to reach, connect and convert, you position for the mind set of your prospects at different levels to practice segmentation. That means at different levels practicing segmentation you understand what is important to them and create a notion around that understanding or perception.

No 2 The basic approach of positioning is not to create something new and different. But to manipulate what’s already there in the mind.

To retie the connections that already exists”How does the power of persuasion work? By knowing a persons actual state of mind and their desired state. When you are able to determine the difference between the two, you use that knowledge to your advantage by helping them see how they can move from where they are (their current state of mind) to where they could be (their desired state of mind )So for you to retie a connection that already exist is to create something that matches their prior knowledge or experience right?

A make-up artist is a perfect example. You have clients who want to look beautiful(current state of mind) Everybody always wants to look beautiful. When you ask questions like which celebrity make-up do you like the most? (Understanding the desired state of mind) she tells you kim kardashian, now you might not be able to transform her into kim because that might take face surgery. but understand that their are some brand personalities she admirers about kim, maybe sexy and powerful with a little highlighting and contour at the right places you have made her become or feel strong, powerful and sexy.(Desired state of mind)Now imagine as a make-up artist you have an ad that says “look powerful” or some sort, imagine what that would do the the psyche of an audience that’s building career a in politics and how they would believe with your professional touch on their face, you can take them a step further.

It’s all about you being able to retie those connections with theirs in whatever service or product you want people to buy into.

No 3 “You concentrate on the perception of the prospects not the reality of the products. Perception is reality”

Reading this book and taking a step back to actually look at our world, media, the mindset of people. I have come to realize that everything is perception and people have also probably built their life on things that are not real. Amazing!! The life we have built, is on perception and some things we have made so real that they have stayed wit us for a very long time and has become our day to day life (Reality).

We have the power to change those realities if we want to. But how many of us know this. Marketing, a game of Perception Interesting.

DAY 4″The easy way to get into a person’s mind is to be first”

Be the first one of your kind, you might not be the first fast food, but you can be the first fast food to bring happy feelings, You might not be the first church, but you can be the first church building role models. You might not be the first retail store but be the first with the lowest prices ever( Get ready for price war).

How many of us remember who the first person was to walk on the moon? Neil Amstrong right? so who is the second, yeah i couldn’t also remember for brand loyalty, you get in the mind first by being one of a kind and be careful and so good not to give a reason for your customer’s to switch.

No 5 “Consumers are emotional. If consumers are rational one does not require advertising”

The importance of marketing, is not only to be visible or to make the sale. But to create a connection that makes you familiar and memorable. That is why, it is important to create an emotional benefit. Something your prospects and customers can resonate with.

Finding your emotional benefit is key to the success of your brand, because relationships are built with brands not products. It is the emotional benefit you offer that makes your company/business special. And if you want a brand that people can recommend and trust, you would need to offer an emotional benefit, hence the essence of marketing.

To be continued in the next read.

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