If Dogs don’t like your dog Food. Then the packaging doesn’t matter.

If Dogs don’t like your dog Food. Then the packaging doesn’t matter.

I came across this quote surfing the net. It sounds funny but it is so true. If i don’t think what you offer is worth it, I would move it to the bottom of my scale of preference list or better still off the list.

The one thing you need to have in business is a customer without them you can’t function. Your business model should be built around satisfying customer’s need and providing an unbeatable value that they can’t afford to say no. If your prospects and existing customers do not or no longer believe your offer is valuable, they will not buy it talk less of being willing to pay for more.

Therefore it is essential that all your marketing efforts provide a mental picture of perceived value to your prospects to enable them be receptive to your offer. Marketing is effective when it discovers what people already want and then presenting the offer in a way that works in line with their existing desire.

Convincing people to want what you offer isn’t your job(That’s left up to a good sales person) rather helping your customers convince themselves that what you are offering will help them get what they really want.

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