*Using The Love Language*

*Using The Love Language*

Connecting with your customers using *********

How do you build relationships with people who have an interest in what you do?Simple, speak their language.If you are trying to persuade people to do something or buy something it seems to me you should speak their language David Ogilvy

Every business has it’s love language to it’s customers, you just have to discover what works best for yours and how best to apply itSo what is this love language? It is the king of the them all, *Valuable Content (Marketing)*My secret recipe whenever it is, I am mapping a strategy for content marketing is *Make me think, Make me laugh, Inspire me, Teach me something new and I’ll remember you when the time comes to buy*To connect with customers you do not only need to get into their heads but into their hearts

A research report by the content marketing institute found that the use of valuable content tools such as articles, Social media, blogs are all on the riseGuess what? even Coca Cola realised back in 2012 that to win it had to move from *creative excellence* to *content excellence* when it announced in a series of YouTube videos that to hit their target, they were shifting their marketing attention to sharing compelling content across social networks.

Their marketing mission from 2012 was *Content2020*What types of content is considered valuable and how can it translate to a love language that helps you connect with your customers. A customer is not satisfied when products are exchanged for money but when value is exchanged for money

It is not enough to have a blog or use digital tools. Let’s help you stay relevant and give you more insights on valuable content.

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