These are the sweetest six letter words any customer can say. However “There are 6 billion people on this planet, 99.999% of them would rather not give you their money —-Hugh Mackoo

When you focus on getting the right attention of people at the right time, you would maximize your customer acquisition efforts (This is just marketing Jiberrish that helps you target more customers) You can learn more on customer acquisition at Customer Attraction Academy where you learn how to develop strategies to attract more customers.

If you are brand like Perfect Trust Cosmetics that carries products like Shea mositure or Cantu, we all know that these are natural hair products. It would be of no benefit for perfect trust trying to gain a slot at an IBM Software exhibition because that audience would include a community of men and women whose needs are more inclined towards IT innovations for better business processes.

Perfect trust profitable customers would be those attending the African Hair Summit 2017 where there are talks about promoting the natural hair community.

So Perfect Trust Cosmetics should not try to appeal to IBM’s probable purchasers and vice versa.Focus on appealing to your specific audience by spending your limited resources reaching people who are interested in the types of thing you offer.

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