Not Obvious Enough To Be Taken To The Dance

Not Obvious Enough To Be Taken To The Dance

Somehow in relationships you just have these rules. If you smile too much it means you are flirty and some do’s and don’t Iam still trying to understand

However in marketing its called positioning. The way you dress, think, talk, act positions you in a good way or not so good way to others who care to observe. Now Al Ries says ” Positioning is not what you do to a product, positioning is what you do to the mind of your prospect. “The keyword here is ” the mind of your prospect” Everything starts from the mind a word that has been over flogged but it’s true.

Your ability to take advantage of what others do not see when it comes to your prospects or customers and deliberately position it towards them, puts you ahead of the game or first helps you gain their attention. So the question is are you going to be flirty(deliberately positioning for your prospects mind) or are you just trying to be out there.

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