It’s Not Hocus Pocus, Its Focus

It’s Not Hocus Pocus, Its Focus

Focusing is a marketing strategy built around serving a particular target audience very well. And each marketing program should be developed with this in mind. This means you can serve your audience more effectively and efficiently.

As a result of this #FocusStrategy your brand begins to achieve differentiation from others for meeting the needs of it’s audience better How is this all achieved? By focusing on the areas your customers care about the most, which is translated into the way they value your product or service called perceived value.

Which brings us down to this; Have you mapped out what your customer’s desires, fears, aspirations, misgivings and suspicions are that might cause them to hesitate from buying your product or service?… If you haven’t then you should. Focusing is of no relevance if you do not understand the psychology of your customers which enables you know if your strategy is more of Product Development than Customer Development.

So are you the food business focused on feeding tommies when your customer would rather prefer you give them a taste of culture?Or are you the speaker who motivates while your audience would need a step by step action plan to prompt them to do.

Or a cosmetologist who sells beauty when your audience is more keen to fulfilling a fantasy. Having a market for your product will bring you sales but will not guarantee a sustainable chain of returns, if you are not focused on what your customer’s really want.

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