*Emotional Appeal* Going back to the basics

*Emotional Appeal* Going back to the basics

The saying that women are wired emotionally and men lean towards being more logical, is a fundamental understanding of what makes businesses and its customers thrive in their relationship.

In a typical relationship with a major focus on the female gender, it is seen that her reactions are triggered by a past experience (emotions) or a fallacy “make belief” (still emotions). Which is dependent on the male character, this is almost called the most effective means of persuasion.

However decisions in the relationship go back and forth until both parties get to know the real McCoy.Coca-cola, Apple, Netflix are some of the most successful brands who understand and apply this principle (emotional appeal) in business as funny as it sounds.As a business you need to take a page from these brands and not just start at the middle (sell,sell, sell).

But remember that you are in a relationship or an intending one with a target audience or segment that is wired emotionally. Emotional appeal has become a kind of force. The more the business knows about his customers wants, and the more desires the product and packaging seek, the more coercive the force. Emotions drive buying decisions whether its a product, service or trust in the brand itself. Customers want the extra, the emotional bonus when they buy something or would go to your competition who gives this. Statistics suggest that people are more susceptible to emotional appeal because their brains are in a subliminal state of mind most of the time. Customers don’t just connect with your product because of the need, they connect to the emotion attached to the product.

That very key understanding that emotional appeal is used to persuade customers in order to make the sale will help you reconsider your product and service design analysis The question is what do we identify as an emotional appeal and how we position them. First you //DELETED// Property of #GrandMarketingGeniusMake your products appealing and people will pay for it

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